a good looking man with a lot of self confidence that wears ray bans aviators rain or shine. often displays narcissistic personality tendencies with a charming charisma. often referred to as "ho" for short by the girls.
He totally pulled a horatio on that girl.
by ho-to the-ratio May 27, 2011
That horatio is interesting.
by joddv September 21, 2010
A nigga who consumes beans
Whatchu want? I dunno, beans? Damn you sound like my nigga Horatio.
by Burito Faggito December 6, 2018
'Ho' and 'ratio' fused into the Latin derived namesake. Used as a covert way to inquire as to the amount of females at a particular locale, usually a party.
1:"Bro, we're having a kegger tonight at my place, wanna come?"
1:"3 to 1"
2:"I'm down"
by Dick Sungwell February 5, 2010
Jesus' middle name. Sometimes shortened to just the initial 'H'. This form of Horatio is used most often when excited, angry, or surprised.
by allisex July 15, 2008
Horatio. Well Horatio is a wierd kind of guy you know. A very sad emotional type of person. He also gets mad very fast..?Probably gets it from his parents who knows✋. Very self-contained and will extricate himself in any bad or harmful situation or altercation. Very handsome and a well known funny funny guy. A very very nice person, the type of person to give you his last 50 bucks if it was that kind of situation, very nice. And also welly mannered and well behaved kind of person. Exclusive when it comes to laughter with that person, And is Very Respectfull don't ever think of him or her as a Disdain or Disdainfully person. He is quite the opposite.
Bro he\She just pulled a Horatio on that chick\vato\guy
by Bob Jiggy April 17, 2019
UK slang, rhyming = fellatio
To give oral sex on a male member. From the popular Horatio Hornblower novels.
She performed horatio all night long and we never even went to sea.
by black flag May 29, 2004