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Hopewell Middle School, ga. Also known as hoe hell home of the hoes. Half the stalls don’t have doors, and p.e. Teachers are pedo’s. Get OSS for making a joke to someone. The teachers suck ass and none of the rules make fucking sense
Sam I’m going to Hopewell Middle School next year”

Commit suicide before the students force you to”
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by June 01, 2019
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A school full of snakes, so watch out you might get bit. The teachers be smokin crack and sniffing weed. The counselors dont do nothing to benefit you, they really just there for the tea. And you don’t learn anything. Period Pooh.
A student at Hopewell Middle School: “so i was sitting there...barbecue saucing my titties.”

and i-oop
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by your_mom_big_gae July 08, 2019
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