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Similar to rope-a-dope but specific to President Barack Obama's political style.

The hope-a-dope is performed by a President Obama assuming a protective stance and allowing his political opponents to hit him hard taking hope away from his constituents, in the hopes that his opponents will become tired and make mistakes which President Obama can then exploit in a counterattack.

After his opponents have tired he rallies his caucus to agree on want was originally desired but not presented giving a bit of hope back to his party and claiming it as a victory.
A hope-a-dope was done by President Obama when he presented what he wanted in the health care reform bill and the type of bill he would sign. He doesn't present something as radical as the single payer system but presents the public option knowing that the public option will not pass. The whole time this is going on he knows that if the public option is dropped that there could be consensus on the bill which would solve most of original goals of the bill.

So in essence giving hope, taking it away, then giving a sliver of hope back. Beggars can't be choosers.
by December 19, 2009
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