What Pamela Anderson had in Baywatch, but doesn't anymore...Dig?
Pam didn't need a lifejacket coz her hooters were good enough to keep her floating.
by jackal2009 April 20, 2009
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The funnel shaped object used to inhale a Knife Hit (Knife hits, knifers). They are often made by breaking the bottom out of a glass bottle, cutting a plastic bottle in half, or tearing a soda can in half.
Grab the hooter, we're taking some kniffies!
by zip April 24, 2005
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Owls. they are birds with apple shaped heads who goe "hoo Hoo!" hence the name hooters, they are birds of prey. Another notible feature is there big eyes and small beak. they are nocternal and like to come out at night.
Look at the hooters outside, its as if there are lookin into my very soul!
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
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an amazing girl that lives in St. Louis and all her friends call her "hooters girl" because well she has the best hooters in the world. she got the name when she dressed up like a hooters waitress on halloween to her friends party. she has an amazing body and everyone wants to get a peek of her hooters. and she recently just dumped her boyfriend so now shes single and ready for you!!!
Malone: Hey Hooters! Let me see your hooters!
Sara: OKay!!!! ::lifts up her shirt::
Malone and friends: DAMNNNNN!!!!!!
by Hooters May 09, 2005
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name giving to a girl who cant keep a promise, is a slut, whore, dyke, but really pretty. She usually is a cock teaser.
Nicole= Hooter
by Andyanopolis March 09, 2009
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sweater monkeys, boobies, jublies, yum yums, buns, shirt owls what ever you wanna call em there at a resturant
by FROKID November 13, 2003
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