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Rather than give a REAL definiton, I've decided to go thesaurus on your asses:

Bosoms, Breasts, Bloomings, Crease Creatures, Deltoid Drawers, Fatsacks, Baby Fodder, Bust, Mamories (or Mammilla), tits, teats, udders, Monkey Lumps, Scapula Scones, Milkmeat, Globes, Tits, Infant Eateries, the Latter Lickable Ladyparts, Tatas, Dodongoes, Pearls, Thoraxes, Clavicle Clumps, Objects-of-my-desire, Suckling Stops, Endowment, Lactators, East and West Cleavage, Cones, Torpedoes, Eye Magnets, Chest Bulges, Flesh Convexities, the Weasels of the Chest, Where boys fear to tread, Porcelain Hills (the former adjective exchangeable with "ebony" or "golden"), Whack-Material, What Good dreams are Made of, the Ass-of-the-chest, Mounds, Grapefruit (or Oranges, Melons, and, in rare (and creepy) cases, grapes. The elderly are prone to "prunes"), Effeminite Masses, Knockers, Kitty Substitutes, Not-so-grassy Knolls, Jigglies, Hillocks, Gibbosities, Conjoined Humpbacks, Stacks, Bouncers, or Breasticles.
Man, I'd really like to dip my wick between that girl's hooters.
by Susurrus June 27, 2005

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Am I the only one here who realizes that "New Zealand" is a pristine word, not adapted or mutilated at ALL? Sheeyut, it's a concrete geographical area.
Nu Zizzle is an example of what "New Zealand" would like, were it actually slang.
by Susurrus April 09, 2005

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She is a person. SHE, is a person. PERSONPERSONPERSON. Not slang.
For fuck's sake, guys, not only is "slang" situated within the goddamn confines of this site, it is the SOLE PURPOSE of being here.
by Susurrus April 09, 2005

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There is no background... It would just come out as several jumbled euphemisms. This is a term used to take a way from perfectly acceptable terms like "Indians", which is in no way racist, unless preceded by "fuck the."
The politically correct commandos managed to put up a gigantic menorah even though there were only 2 Jewish people out of 240 000 in the whole fucking town. TWO!
by Susurrus April 08, 2005

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