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fizzling is where you are dating someone you are sick of and instead of breaking up, you become unavailable until that person stops trying to contact you. The relationship fizzles out on it's own.
I think Josh is fizzling me. I haven't talked to him in a week and he hasn't called me back.
by OakleyTatum January 09, 2008
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The feeling at the base of a penis just before ejaculation.
A sure way to know that
a) You've done your job and its about to be over
b) You know you have time to escape the juices of love.
Sarah was blue in the face after giving head for four hours, when at last she felt the fizzling. She knew her work was almost done. She took one last gasp for air and sprinted to the fizzle line.
by Badger501 March 28, 2009
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