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Hong Wei, the most pessimistic piece of shit on earth, discourages you in all ways. But if he is your friend, you are one lucky bastard due to his helpful personality. He might look weak, but his heart can be a burning fire.
Who is Hong wei? The guy that will change your life!!!
by Friendnames January 31, 2016
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Hongwei- a word used to describe a faggot like thing who puts people’s names on urban dick. This is due to a legend which states that hongwei does not have a dick and thus is posting such names in order to get one.
Dang you should not become a hongwei hongwei.
by Banannachieff January 13, 2019
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A short chinaman with small eyes and has a hand fetish
Hey watch out your boyfriend is a hongwei he might rape your hand at night
by N1BBA January 20, 2018
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