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When someone changes from being straight to gay.
Person 1: Did you know (insert name here)'s just gone through homosynthesis?

Person 2: :O OMG.
by clareyy July 04, 2009
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The act of a homosexual man who is currently high on meth and is rapidly opening his ass cheeks believing his is creating his own food.
After lil jimmy took 17 doses of meth he started to flap his ass cheeks like a rapid gorrilla, we thought this was a mating call but he was actually homosynthesis'ing
by Ass Smuggler September 28, 2015
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What a homosexual person does to gather energy by sitting out in the sun
I think Jim went to do his homosynthesis since he is gay.
by Sploomsnav on instagram May 30, 2018
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