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ho mo ID ee it -noun. anyone who thinks that ALL gay/homosexual men are weak, cry babies, a cowering sissy, a pansy, a fruit, less than a man or not masculine.
(The word homoidiot is synonomous with homoidiocy and homoidiotic.)
Ex. 1-
Tad: "OMG! Look! Isn't that Jocko and Rocko walking down Castro Street holding hands?"
Ted: "OMFG! ISTFI Aren't they like the two biggest jocks at SFSU?"
Tim: "Holy Jesus in a cartoon! They are like major jocks."
Tom: "Don't be a homoidiot! Not all gay men are nelly bitches like you witches are. Anybody can be a queer and it's not so obvious like with us."
Tad, Ted, Tim: "Oh puleeze stawp it. You are scaring us Tom."

Ex. 2-
Being a homoidiot, Frank did not realize that the CEO was gay.
by Neddy_Ludd March 04, 2006
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