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when something is more gay than gay. thus, makes it homo gay.
"Hawthorne High School is homo gay."
by pedro February 16, 2005
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A term (noun or adjective) to describe someone who too closely follows the 'gay stereotype.'
Usually used amongst super-christians.
The homogays are staging capchta images to convert our children.
by Gatodo May 11, 2011
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The step beyond gay. A man that has taken time to go out of his way to make sure u know he's gay. This term doen't apply to women because lesbians rule... sept if they're butch and goss
"Holy crap look at that dude's scarf and pink button-down shirt thats open at the top. He's so homogay"
by Taildrag September 20, 2005
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used on SNL (saturday night live) by mango meaning just gay...probably could be used as super ultra uber gay
"Why does everyone think I'm the homo gay?"
-Mango (Chris Kattan)
by the homo gay March 12, 2005
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