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Another word for HELL, this one implying that hell is shaped like a swastica.
also where a pedophilic gym teacher resides.
Let me touch you, little girl!
Fuck off, Mr. WArren. Go to Hell
by meifunk May 29, 2005
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Hommocks is pretty much the lamest middle school ever. All the children from Murray, Mam'k Ave., Central, and Chatsworth go there. This is the school where everyone goes to wallow in their misery and stuff crap into tiny lockers and do a lot of unnessary work. Be happy if you don't go to this school.
All those 8th graders are coming to MHS this year.
Oh crap, I hate kids from Hommocks let's sacrifice them.
by The Shadow Molestor April 24, 2005
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A hell below hell
its like the ghetto get raped on a corner kind of hell
thats how much it sux
i mean any school in the middle of ny with 92 percent cockasains will be retarded

top 3 best things about hommocks

1- pissing of mr kein and hearing him say IITEEE

2- ms nelson, shes just too entertaining

3- 3:46 pm

yaa i go to hommocks.....unfortunately
by hgdfj February 05, 2009
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