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To describe ones friends or enemies in a derogatory manner. To be homosexual.

An extension of the noun, and oft used colloquialism, homosexual which is characterized by same-sex contact, either as a genital act or as a long-term sexuoerotic status. Not conforming to the statistical nor the ideological norm.
With an extraverted pronunciation of the HOMM and trailing instance of the ER.

a) "Don't be a hommer!"
In the instance of a friend or acquaintance about to disembark the evenings session.

b) "You are such a hommer!"
On using unsucessful attempts to persuade said friend or acquaintance to continue the evenings session.

c) "Darryl is such a hommer!"
Used to describe the actions of an individual on previous occasions in the instace of the individual performing a homosexual act.

i.e. leaving smoke club to see your partner.
by Blake Brae March 17, 2005
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A particularly foul-smelling and full-bodied bout of flatulence, that feels so thick it wouldn't be surprising if it had a life of its own. Barely detectable at first, but when it hits you, it's like a wall of stench.
The "Hom" syllable sounds like the "ROM" part of CD-ROM.
Also the unfortunate choice of stage name of a DJ, popular on the internet for his remixes.
Don't you try and blame that Hommer on me, if any one dares check by sniffing they'll find it came from you!
by TheGentleman'sShadow April 05, 2011
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Hommer - derived from the prefix of HOMOsexual. A derogatory term that can be used to offend a friend upon annoyance or to attract the attention of a gay.
Excuse me HOMMER, you do realise that anal buggery is wrong?
(in the colloquial)
You're such a HOMMER, why did you smoke the last 88!
by Blake Brett March 17, 2005
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