To return to one's hometown from college (or any other event that would keep one away from home for an extended period of time), and have sex with someone from said hometown.
Remember Bernice, that really hot girl from high school? I totally got a homeward bone during Christmas break with her!
by Sun-Bro Solaire December 29, 2013
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when you and your friends head out to go some where and you get half way to your destination then your friend decides that that he's gotta shit, so he turns the vehicle around and drives back home to take a shit, refusing to stop anywhere else to do it
friend 1: "Hey what took ya'll so long"
friend 2: "Well we got half way here and had to turn around because (insert friend here) had to shit so we had to go all the way back to his house!"
Friend 1: "man he's such a homeward bound shitter!"
by RustyNail84 August 14, 2011
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the fuzzies you get when you’re cycling or walking homeward during the christmastime, when it’s quickly getting dark and the silent streets feel warm (even though it’s almost freezing).
Mother: "Did you mind walking home this evening?"
Daughter: "No, I got the Homeward Christmas Fuzzies!"
by Ms. Type Writer November 28, 2018
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