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Homosexual to the max. So gay it's homax. Even its very definition is homax.
that was so homax Duncan
by George Gammon February 08, 2007
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Something that is really gay or lame, but is so to such a great extent it becomes homo to the max. Homax
I can't believe i cant go to Tania Boikos party tonight, its so homax.
by T Banger July 24, 2005
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Homax is a defamitory remark that implys one of more of the following.

1) That the target is not "true scene" or hardcore.

2) That the target likes "emo".

3) That the target has or has ever had any kind of friendly relationship with the band Sixlip and the significant others thereof. is homax.
by Joshie Pie August 22, 2005
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