It means when you are in awe to see or hear something or someone.
Holy moo cow did you see that Yak!?
by Jessica And Carly March 21, 2007
A creature most commonly found in the Philippines. This creature is holy in the muslim community because of the sound it makes. The sound has been describes as a sort of scream-ish laugh.
Can you hear that? It must be the crazy holy male cow! Everyone loves a filipino.
by everyonelovesafilipino July 9, 2011
What white kids say so they won't get in trouble.
Holy cow, that was totally sick man!
by LukeNelson69 January 4, 2020
when i cow goes past the point of being a regular cow, he becomes the holy cow
"Omg is that a holy cow??" He said as he watched the cow slowly float to heaven
by im a pancake November 10, 2022
The Christian art of slapping a certain bovine with your phallic member
Bro where you been?

Don’t worry, I Just performed a “holy chebbing cow
by FinnoVii October 4, 2018