When a person or animal is attracted to holo. Holo is a shiny material that reflects rainbows in the light. For more info visit Cristine aka simplynailogical for more info.
Yall like h💿l💿? Then you have come to the right place. You are a holosexual now
by Hammy the great March 3, 2018
A Holosexual is someone who enjoys holo nails or holo anything very much, and I mean VERY much ;)
Christine is a holosexual, she hot too. Holosexuals love peelporn
by Flowette November 19, 2017
Holosexual Ira is a young person whose name is Ira and is a holosexual. She spends her time by procastrinating and wating for her Harry Potter books to arrive.
Run! Holosexual Ira is coming and she's gonna correct our english grammar!
by Holosexual Ira July 3, 2017
When you see Holographic things you have the urge to take it or you could feel I love with Holographic things and you have many Holographic things
by Kya Chan August 19, 2018
When you are attracted to holographic things like nail polish, poster boards, etc..
Have you seen Cristine from Simplynailgical’s new video?

Yeah I found out I am a holosexual!
by Holosexualforever December 22, 2019
Someone is in love with holographic things or you just stan Cristine the Holo Queen
Person1: Holo my name is Cristine
Person2: I'm a Holosexual
Person1: Me too!
by Imhisgirlfriend#1 June 11, 2019