A holosexual person does the following:
-Eat their cat's head
-Do peel porn

-Do nail polish tutorials
-Drinks hella tea
-Loves holo anything.
by Wilted Roses September 14, 2019
An odd thing that has been going around on the internet and YouTube (mostly in DIYers) where one (mostly teenage girls) is sexually attracted to shiny aka holographic things. Such as glitter, nail polishes, phone cases and more.
Friend 1: "Omg I think I'm holosexual now."

Friend 2: *shows shiny phone case*

Friend 1: *dies of happiness*

Friend 1: Wtf
by ILuvSoupOmNom January 2, 2017
Holosexual is a term Cristine Rotenberg invented and copyrighted. She is better known as the owner of the YouTube channels SimplyNailogical and SimplyNotLogical. To be Holosexual, you have to have a sexual attraction to Holo, or Holographic substances, such as nail polish or just any everyday item which are Holo. You must also need to have Holo everywhere constantly to determine wether you are Holosexual. Cristine has a video on her channel SimplyNailogical explaining about Holo and other ways to determine if you are attracted to it, which is very helpful so check that out if still in doubt. (Also dont get it mixed up with Irridesent as they are TWO SEPARATE THINGS)💿
Hey girl its ok we are all Holosexuals here’
by I am Queen Swassy June 3, 2018
Holosexual is somebody who is in love with holographic (Holo) things.

Holosexual was started and created by simply Nailogical (Christine)
I am a holosexual, because i love Holographic things.
by SimplyHOLOSEXUAL.com December 7, 2017
A term made by Youtuber SimplyNailogical. Pertains to being sexually attracted to holographic glitters and shimmers, whether in the form of polish, varnish, loose glitter, powder, flakies, unicorn skin, or foil.
Fake holo (such as iridescent glitter) triggers you, and you must destroy.
"I'm so holosexual. I have over 50 bottles of holo polishes, along with 18 powders and over 20 sheets of holo foil!"
by tadStranfe January 9, 2018
A person who is obsessed with holo and glittery things.
Serena: Oh god! She is cobered in shine!
Ashley: Thats holo and she is a Holosexual
by AintYourChick May 20, 2018
seeing ACTUAL holographic turns you on. it has to be real Holo-non of that fake stuff
i love Holo so much i'm a holosexual
by look at ma dab November 10, 2017