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A tiny town in the middle of nowhere that contains too many cows and no McDonald's. A place where there's no shopping, no public transportation, and the 3:00 fights at Goodwill Park never happen. 99.9% white. Most Hollistonians consider Framingham to be ghetto. Most do not understand life outside of their tiny little world.
I live in Holliston on a farm and I am therefore isolated.
by whhbizzlefoshizzle November 01, 2005
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Small white town in Massachusetts, with approximately .1% other races. Kids overuse "lit", "haze", and 'your mom' jokes. The high school has an extreme vaping/weed problem. The football team is good for D3. Anything you whisper the entire town will hear. Couple rich neighborhoods the rest of the people are lower class. Kids walk to cvs after school on fridays as a place of hangout.....'nough said
-Bruh come to holliston it's lit af bruh
-Wtf is a holliston

-Let's go chill at CVS
-Sounds like a meme
by SexyLamp December 17, 2016
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An affluent Boston suburb located in the region known as "MetroWest". 99.9% white with a large portion of the population making an annual income of $100,000+. Many people in Holliston are shallow, snobby, and ignorant of the world. Children that grow up here are raised in an affluent bubble with no comprehension of the outside world.
Im from Holliston, you've probably never heard of it but its pretty awesome.
by tyler65 December 22, 2010
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