1) Less ghetto version of holla back, meaning to respond to a person at an unspecified later time.
2) To return to your country roots after a period of city living, as in Lost Trailers' song "Holler Back" ("holler" is a country term for a valley, a bastardized version of "hollow").
"If you wanna go on back to the holler, holler back!" -Lost Trailers

After the fifth time Judd had to blow a homeless guy for coke to keep him going through an all-nighter at his terrible I-banking job in New York, he couldn't take it anymore. The next day he packed up his stuff, took a dump on his boss's desk, and hollered back to become a farmer outside his hometown of West Shitville, Oklahoma.
by Nicholas D July 3, 2008
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Also holla back girl or hollerback girl.

1. A holler back girl is the kind of girl who if you holler or holla at them, they are likely to acknowledge your attempt to mack or spit game and give you a chance.
2. A holler back girl is one who if you meet and exchange numbers and even talk about getting together in some indefinite future event, is the one who would call you first. Where most girls would wait for the man to make the move, a holler back girl would holler back first.
3. Holler back girls are typically promiscuous and flirtatious. Where most girls would be offended if a guy on the street yelled "damn that’s a phat ass! Let me holla atcha!" A holler back girl would take it as a compliment and then begin a conversation with the playa.
4. Holler back girls or HBG's tend to be as big as players/playas as guys. Meaning that they are scheming and prowling for the booty tip and booty call as much as a man.
5.HBG's aren't interested in a relation ship per se, but are more interested in hooking up with a guy that hollers at them. HGB's love attention from guys.
playa: "Damn boo you is fine! Here's my number. Holler at your boy tonight."
HBG: "Ok playa. You's is a fine mans, so i'm gonna call you tonight."
playa: (later that same day) "Yo dawg peep this. I spit game to this (fly) ass hoochie and she was diggin my game. So she is gonna call me after she gets her weave fixed."
playa 2: "She's a holler back girl for sure. Go ahead playa!"
by luke knudson November 8, 2006
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not so urban form of hollaback girl....
Hey Dudes, Do you see that girl over there. She is a Hollerback girl,I called her yesterday and she called back.
by Balla Biatch April 17, 2005
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