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One for whom can be said, "The Ho is strong in this one." Holicious people are generally female, generally very attractive, but have the qualities of a ho but also the deliciousness of a magnetic quality to their personalities. We all know that ho's come in all shapes and sizes, but what sets someone who is Holicious and just a Ho apart is the levels of attraction they inspire. A Ho can walk into a room and get some attention, but a Holicious Ho can walk into a room and get every man, even the gay ones cheering. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a Ho, in order to be Holicious; as long as you look or carry yourself like a Ho, you may also be Holicious. Circa 1997 @ Las Vegas, NV
And whut was happened was, these two dem freak-ass ho's was all up on his chest and spilling drinks when Shanelle just walked up to the table and served that beer, Holicious as she was. All three of them just stared in wonder at the might of her Holiciousness.
by Electronicoffee April 06, 2010
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(adj): The quality of being extremely sexy and flirtatious without being an actual hoe; a potential for slut, but brilliant instead and acting much more as a tease than one with loose morals; an all-around awesome individual; characteristic of perfection
The beautiful chinese girl balanced her flirtatiousness and love for men with an equal love for music, learning, and sport, all of which she performed to near perfection.
by Ryan June 02, 2003
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