An affectionate nickname for Quinnipiac University. Used to relate QU as a person because of the school's evolving, human-like character. It gives you the best hookups, all the alcohol you need, and makes sure you have a clean toilet to puke into.
Hot chick: OMG! I totes miss Quinny!
Hot chick 2: OMG I know! I can't wait for break to be over. Quinny promised me a good weekend when we get back!
by Katnap March 11, 2009
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An evil hunch-backed man that parents use to frighten their children and keep them from talking to strangers, especially those with question mark shaped backs.
Be respectful to your elders son, or the Quinny's will take you away and do terrible terrible things to you.
by magic unicorn July 21, 2008
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