To raise or part one item/object from another. This usually involves something that will move back into place of it's own accord.
He hoicked his but cheek to the side to allow a clean wipe of his arse.
by Wacko! November 8, 2006
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From the BBC describing Tiger Woods at the British Open:

Hole one: Woods opts for a three wood instead of a driver and smashes the ball into the first cut of rough on the left.

With a bit of a hoick, Woods blasts his second shot just through the green. His third pitches on the edge of the green and rolls left of the hole to within five feet. He slots the putt in safely.

by Tom Z July 18, 2003
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a person that will tell you the truth about the way you look
The hoick told her that her hair looked bad purple.
by Mel July 3, 2003
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