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Amber: "So I hear you're going on a date with some new guy tonight...Jack was his name, right?"
Gretchen: "Damn right...I've got a big date with good ol' Jack Daniels! I'm fin' to get all hogged up and screw whatever guy hits on me first at Bubba's Tavern. WOOO-WEE!" *BUUUUUURP!!!*
by Nick D May 24, 2006
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Derbyshire slang term for when you have not had sex for a while and are getting desperate. Term can be used equally for men and women.
a build up of 'sperm pressure' in men can be caused by being Hogged Up
I'm so Hogged Up I'd fuck a horse...with John Wayne on it...again. sex
by Mr Cunninglinguist August 17, 2013
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