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area populated by women who give it up easily i.e club or bar.can also be a designated part of ones house or property i.e my boat, my bedroom etc to convey pimp status for themselves.

guy: yo we gonna hit up that new club "wet vajayjay"?

guy#2: hell yea i heard its a true hoezone!!!


guy: well this is my king size bed or how i like to call it the "hoezone"


guy#1: i couldve sworn john was right next to me ?

guy#2: he was ....

guy#1: hes over there look hes dancing with 4 chicks !!

guy#2: oh snap he found the hoezone!!!!
by valos1479 May 28, 2009
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When a girl has A LOT of friends on Facebook, meaning she probably gets around.
Cameron: Dude I think I'm gonna go out with Julie.

Chris: Bad idea man. Have you seen how many friends she has on Facebook? Hoe zone man.

Cameron: Dodged a bullet on that one.
by Teehoe April 30, 2010
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