long , untamed hair usually capped with a hat with wings of hair flowing and curling up from under it. This hair flows easily out of hockey helmits and is becoming popular throughout hockey players everywhere.
by George December 12, 2003
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A mid-length, fluffyish mullet associated with hockey players, especially those from Canada and Eastern Europe in the 1990s. Compare football hair.
Now that's something you don't see anymore -- that guy's got the old-school hockey hair. Business in front, beating in the back.
by connorbd@yahoo.com December 17, 2007
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Known as the texas flop top, arkansas waterfall and other names is a long hear almost to the point of the shoulders. curling and popping out of the helmet.
by brendan w. February 22, 2004
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a mullet , named so because many 80's hockey players had mullets and the mullet slightly resembles the contours of a hockey helmet
Barry Melrose was a fine example of Hockey Hair.
Since he was Canadian, that dude had Hockey Hair rather than an Arkansas Waterfall.
by Dr. Disque December 5, 2002
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Usually long and curly and all the hottest dudes have it.
by Hockey flow February 17, 2019
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Slightly shorter version of a mullet; Often seen on field hockey players and occasionally 3rd basemen for the US Women's Softball Team; Hair cut usually comes with free flannel; Often seen by girls wearing comfortable shoes (ie. Birkenstocks)
Hey Mike, let's go hit on that chick.

Nevermind, she's not interested, she's got field hockey hair.
by J Best in Show August 26, 2009
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