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A fake hippy who complains about every polluting object known to man but uses the same products that they complain about.
Oh those awful cars but hey I just bought a Suburban! Check it out it has a V8!
by Chris Walker October 29, 2004
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A fake hippy. Usually found playing hackey sack and getting stoned, a hippycrite is someone who moans at you for the products you buy or for 'killing the planet' then drives the half mile to KFC for some battery farmed chicken and drops the wrappers out the car window.
James is doing my head in, chatting shit about the environment when he goes on holiday every other day and his carbon footprint is about the size of a dinosaur. He's such a fucking hippycrite!
by wassonthen February 11, 2011
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One who claims to be of the hippy culture but doesn't live up to his or her proclaimed status. Usually found in rural college towns and places that have a "hip" hippy culture. Generally asimilates themselves with real hippys because it's "cool" at the time.
Al was just with us at the global warming march last week, why is he driving that Hummer now? He's such a hippycrite!
by RJ_Singleton May 25, 2007
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Any person who is "all" for the environment and green movement while driving a hummer, having campfires, eating meat, wearing leather, and just making lots of pollution.
Al Gore is all for a "green world" yet he has a huge house, a huge suv, and is totally fat. He is a big fat hippycrite.
by thefifinator August 19, 2010
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Environmentalist who wants to save the world by reducing emissions and producing clean energy, but derides alternative energy sources because they look bad.
Those hippycrites won't let us build a wind farm because it ruins the view!
by Mike Lerley May 03, 2007
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