1)inbred, backwoods, mullet wearin, coors light drinkin, govt cheese eatin, chat room trolling, c.o.p.s. watchin, 4x4_dually_quad cab_with the calvin sticker drivin, old_couch_on_the_porch sittin, bowlin alley hangin, cow shit flingin, grade repeatin, gots me a double wide, waste of human space/space of human waste.

2)people that argue over which tastes better, budweiser or coors? or which truck is the best, ford, chevy or dodge?

see also:
hill billy
white trash
trailer trash
trans am
monte carlo
summer teeth
jerry springer
yonder, y'all, fixin
honest officer, i was just helpin the sheep over the fence.

yup, cletus is still a virgin, his sister's on the track team ya know.

ma, where's my wranglers? i got a date.
by studebacherhoch January 15, 2004
a person who is lazier and does less work than a usual hillbilly. he (or she) always bitches, complains, and tells people to hurry up, yet he (or she) won't help in the process.
Here, Bill's telling me to get all this done, and he isn't doing anything to help with the process. What a hill jack!
by uncle zeke February 15, 2005
Kids that get there kicks from drinking chasing cows in field with a 3 or 4 wheeler and sitting by a fire all night and playing in it til someone gets burned or falls in it,also all they do all day long is chew tabacco and hang out at a truck stop all damn day ..... also know as rednecks or hillbillies
Damn those hill jacks are soo dumb.
by Mo October 22, 2003
acting as a "hill jack" or "hillbillie" or "mountain person"

"hill jacking" is a verb.
"You have been hill jacking around all day!" or "I do not accept hill jacking in this household!"

by Phillip James June 29, 2008
Jack Hille is a middle school in Illinois. The school is full of snakes, fake friends, and trash teachers. Don’t trust anyone or you will get screwed over. The teachers are always in everyone’s business and take everything to the heart. They are very sensitive and get mad easily. All the kids are garbage too. Everyone starts drama and everyone also feeds off of it. The school is also full of snitches. Overall Hille is trash!!
Zach: What school do you go to?
Ariana: Jack Hille Middle School.

Zach: Ew, I heard that school is full of fake people.
Ariana: Ugh, it is.
by basilts April 4, 2018
school is full of sluts and fake people this school is terrible it has so much garbage kids in 6th grade. 6TH GRADERS THERE ARE SOOOOO STUCK UP AND THEY ARE ALL TRY HARDS
Person:hey you go to jack hille middle school

Child:yea its trash
by YourarmchairstankXD October 22, 2018
when you have a recliner in the bead of your truck
im such a hill jack riding on the recliner in the back of my truck with a beer
by Gswee ofshados February 4, 2019