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A cute, smart Asian boy, obvious by the name, that try's hard to be popular and succeeds. He seems to be friends with everyone he meets.
by imSHOOKasf April 11, 2015
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Asian. Very Asian. From the mystic lands of Japan the wild Hikaru loves slapping people in the back of the head. Gets abused by all the other female everything. He enjoys trying to steal other people’s girls and being a cocky mother fucker (sometimes).
Guy 1: wow what animal is that
Guy 2: oh that’s a wild hikaru watch out he’ll try to steal his friends girl
Hikaru: *slaps guy 2 in the back of the head*
Hikaru: *runs away while giggling* hegheghegehegehegehegehegehehehegeehehehehe
Guy:1 or do that
by heybitchwhaturname February 13, 2018
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