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utada hikaru. cos her friends in america couldnt say her name properly so they called her hikki.

a very pretty Japanese-American singer who is obviously westernised but hiding it, though she is good at tetris and sometimes does crazy poses for photos. she has big features, not a lot of makeup but looks typical highbrow platinum and elegant.

as for her singing talent as many of you know, her song lyrics aren't rubbish but her japanese is very bad. i wonder why no one taught her japanese professionally in america, but being japanese means she can speak it. for shame

her look moves from demure dark femme to short, boyish and punk-rock-jazzy femme. sometimes i fear for her happiness as she often looks sad and ethnic. sometimes i do think she's happy, but that's only when she's sad deep down cos so many people can't sing and she thinks it's funny.

can she sing? i dont know, but her voice is good. and since she's japanese then obviously she can sing. how many japanese do you know that can't sing eh... let's not stereotype peoples now

lastly, i love hikki but she could be much better. why isn't she trying? geez she's streamlined and mainstream crap. but i think she's so skinny
i can't believe they let Hikki direct her own music video. the end results are crap. it looks like she shot it through a camera on a string, and blurred the whole effect. why doesnt she get a director or a bunch of directors to do a better job, at least she'll regain sales
by skimped_on_high April 28, 2007
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