Comes from the necessity of not having a place to smoke some killer ganja and having to pile like 5 people deep into a car to ride around and smoke some bowls or a few blunts and get smacked out of your ever-loving mind. Originated in maryland as far as I know and will spread through the land. also associated are blunt rides and smoke rides
Fuck my parents are up so we gotta take a high ride instead of blazing out back.
by T Peazy March 2, 2005
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1.To be feeling very happy. Occasionally also meaning in a snobbish or egotistical way.
2.To be experiencing euphoric intoxication through drugs.
1a. Nick D was so riding high when he scored two very hot babes by pulling the beirut trick.

Nerdy kid in math class: Woooo! I passed the test! Wooohoo, I'm so smart! *prances all over the classroom like a ninny*
Normal kid:(talking to a fellow classmate about the nerd) He sure is riding high, isn't he?


Cop: You know sir, you don't seem to realize that you are speeding and swerving a little on your side of the road.
TJ: Uh was I? Really? *giggles* No sir, I havn't drank any.
Cop: No you don't look drunk. I see you are shaking a bit and have that goofy grin on your face. You sure are feeling very happy right now aren't you.
TJ: Oooh yeah! I am RIDING HIGH!!
Cop: And you are fucking going to be riding in the back of my police car with me taking you on an up north trip! That is a bag of crack rock that I see on your dashboard! NOW GET OUT!
Caleb: Oh shit.
TJ: Here, have a donut. *pulls out a fresh Krispy Kreme donut and hands it to the cop*
Cop: Thanks. *scarfs down donut* But still, you are coming with me!
TJ and Caleb: Haaaahahahahaha!
Cop: *pulling TJ out* Now what is so funny? Getting in trouble with the LAW is not funny!
Caleb: It's funny because it's poisonous!
Cop: No, you are both stupid drug-addicted morons. *reaches for handcuffs*
Caleb: In layman's terms, I laced that donut, which you just ate, with DDT! Fucking hilarious!
Cop: WHAT THE!? You... *gags, tries to pull out his gun, but falls dead on the ground face first*
TJ: *laughing* Alright, Caleb you da man! You a genious! *gets back in the car*
Caleb: I try. *high fives TJ* Now let's go.

Mark H. Urban Addict since February 2004.
by Mark H November 12, 2004
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to smoke marijuana and drive around while high, listening to fat beats and knowing that you're the shit.
Person 1: I just picked up /8th of white widow.
Person 2: Damn, let's go box my car and ride high.
by leadingstar November 10, 2008
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A term relating to a breast enhancement that is very sudden and very noticeable. Not exactly a bad thing, but it becomes a topic of conversation very quickly. Plus, it's regarding boobs, so...Bonus!
Have you seen Mary recently? She's riding high!
by James Gerraughty May 27, 2008
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The act of participating in sexual intercourse while under the influence of marijuana.
"Dude, yesterday I was riding high with my girl, it felt SO fucking good."
by Drasmic January 19, 2017
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When the bottom edge of a girl’s shirt is higher than the top of her pants, exposing her stomach. Typically used when referring to shirts that are NOT necessarily meant to expose the belly (vs crop tops) and the shirt has unintentionally been pulled up, e.g. due to a tight fit, friction from other clothing, standing up after sitting down, etc.
Joe: Damn babe, I love when you wear those short shirts!
Emma: Huh? looks down Oh, it’s not a short shirt, I’m just riding high. pulls down shirt to cover stomach
by DrEvilDandy January 29, 2019
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black guy : bro you see that nigga over there ?
black guy #2 : yah son , nigga looks stupid .
black guy : word , niggas are high riding .
by 101niggajk November 14, 2010
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