The catchphrase of the first male cover girl. JAMES CHARLES. Also loves Pinkity Drinkitys.(Pink Drinks)
*James making a YouTube video*
James: Hey Sisters
by SISTER4Life April 24, 2018
Something James Charles says at the beginning of all his videos.
Also what some other people (most likely stan twitter) might say when greeting their fellow sisters (friends).
James Charles: “HEY SISTERS! WELCOME TO ANOTHER SISTER SPECIAL VIDEO! TODAY I’M GOING TO BE SHOWING YOU MY MORPHE KIT!”—— and then he continues to add sister of to everything that starts with an “S”
by DumbDoodle April 6, 2019
1. A once-upon-a-time top song on iTunes
2. An upbeat tune from Train, who we practically thought was on the way down before they ripped this on off
by CaintchuC April 23, 2010
This single by Train gained popularity after headlining the compilation album "Now That's Who I Call a Bunch of Posing Prancing Cockmouths, Volume One."
If your date starts singing along to the opening buttfuck moans of Hey Soul Sister, shove her out of the car and run.
by butttt June 11, 2010