Woah, look at that Heta go on her rad motorcycle.
by 363fosho December 28, 2013
The lesbian of the group. She probably is addicted to whipped coffee and watches nf 24/7. She's either the kindest person in the world or sassiest girl u have seen.

Often worries too much abt looks and is changing her looks way too often.
Did u see how Heta stod up for one of friend's.
by -justbored- April 19, 2020
The most bitch ass fake friend u will ever meet every word that comes out of their mouth is a lie
Me: hey do u like me
Heta:omg yasss
Also heta: *turns around to my other friend* eww I hate her
by Un-named person May 13, 2019
A short, cat loving female who also has ninja skills and is a rebel
look at that heta, she is riding a cat themed motorcycle without remorse
by Kaedehara kazuha July 20, 2021
A straight male sleeping around with many women but claim one. Not realising all them women he slept around with did the exact same thing.
Heta beta walking down the street. Heta beta looking incomplete. Heta beta spittin' all these rymes. Heta beta who can't even spend a dime
by kon51 January 10, 2017
Heta is something you would call some one if there being really annoying you say it like....
"You little shit" but you would "say you little heta"
boy: *being really rude and mean*
Girl: "your such a heta!"
Boy: what does that mean I'm so dumb
by Lalallalallalalal June 4, 2020
I love that girl named Heta. She is very kind hearted.
by Vacha November 24, 2021