the stretch marks of that fat ass guy who's obsessed with the gym as much as much as he's obsessed with food
holly shit i just came back from the gym X 6872687687287 and look at my hepworth

i have hepworth all over my obsessed

by ew alex is fat April 20, 2008
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a man whom copies the video on youtube titles "My New Hair Cut" using every phrase possible
if you dont like hepworth's hair cut then you're a "fuckin skank"
Other phrases often used by a 'HEPWORTH' include:
"clemmer's mom's tits"
by brendan 'ahmad' clemmer April 7, 2008
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Verb: To pester an attractive young student of consenting age with tawdry double entendrés and thinly veiled smut with the intent of distracting them from their studies to gain their attention.
"For heaven's sake Winsford, stop hepworthing the poor girl - she's trying to concentrate on her studies of Fermat's last theorem".
by Lord Horatio Richards May 3, 2022
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I very fun, kind person. always cheerful and helpful and never is horrible to anyone, everyone likes him obviously and he like everyone. Hes also sexy.
Aiden Hepworth is Sexy
by ah17 July 26, 2011
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