1. A girl's night out, especially one laid on for the bride getting married the next day.

Cf: stag
Susan went straight from the hen party to the church to get married.
by Kerb December 1, 2004
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When a group of gossipy old ladies gather around and talk about everything they know, from whose son is gay to who had their baby five months before they got married.
Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Pinkett always hold hen parties on Sundays, right after moring service.
by RatchetBoo May 29, 2003
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When a random group of girls decides to get together. Not letting boys ruin their gongshow, and just basically girls being girls. You're with your fellow ladies, and don't have to worry about looking too hot or anything, boys are not present, and you basically just have the time of your life with your lady friends.
Finally just a Hen party, this way I won't go and get knocked up.
by one hella cool kid November 5, 2006
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