the instance when someone was born with an uncut penis because if circusision has acured the person would have died.
Richard: I have hemophilia
Casey: I have a pet gold fish, tell me about it
Richard: it means my body does not heal itself like yours does without aid
by lhrocks February 2, 2015
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Tim: "Dude I love having sex when my girlfriend is on her period. It gets me off like nothing else. Regular sex isn't nearly as exciting any more."
Eric: "Sounds like you might have a serious case of hemophilia."
by FeralPersona January 16, 2013
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bob: I think i have Porphyric Hemophilia.
ted:what, why?
bob: my teeth are sharp
ted: shut the hell up dracula
by ITCHYxTR1GGA69 July 22, 2011
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