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An extremely young girl one is sexually attracted to.

Unlike a barely legal chick who lure men to incarceration with hot, nubile, tight, young bodies (see jailbait), a girl that is considered hellbait is so young that, if one were to fuck her, one would definitely go to hell.
D: Why the fuck are you watching a children's pageant on cable?
J: I can't help it, one of them looks just like Jonbenet.
D: Turn that hellbait shit off you sick fuck!
by Doctor Bliss December 02, 2011
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Guy #1: Your little sister is hot.
Guy #2: Dude, that is so wrong. She isn't even hot.
Guy #1: Not your 16 year old sister, I mean your 12 year old sister.
Guy #2: That isn't even jailbait man, that is hellbait.
by dddlllrrr May 20, 2010
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