a person who hurts your feelings which you had romantic feelings for.
I don’t want to be with you, I don’t like you.” he said.
“oh.” I thought to myself, he’s such a heart breaker.
by them0reyouknow February 12, 2019
A person who lets there girl friend or boy friend fall very hard for them and when the heart breaker finds some one new he/she breakes the one possesion that is most important to him/her
"did you hear that sydney went out with that heart breaker?"
by heartbreakekikd05 August 3, 2009
Someone who breaks your love heart not the organ heart.
Charles is known for being a heart breaker.
by Lemonshatelife May 9, 2018
emmaz tag. dnt steal it all ya biatches out dere
<3breaker (on a bustop)
by emma May 19, 2004