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The most beautiful one of a kind girl I've ever known. The kind of girl you'd give anything for
Guy1: damn did you see Jenney walk past?
Guy2: hell yeah who isn't starring at her
by Hcarney September 29, 2013
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A very uncommon last name. There are only 723 households in the United States that have it. Not to be confused with the vastly popular first name Jenny. Often creates unwanted stress for the bearers of it because of ignorant people who need it to be repeated or spelled out several times before understanding it. However, it is quite unique at least, as aforementioned.
(In the office at school. A secretary is talking to a student with the last name Jenney)
-What is your last name?
-It's Jenney.
-No hun, your last name.
-That is my last name.
-Huh? Like J-e-n-n-y?
-No, there's an e before the y.
-(confused expression)What? Can you spell that out completely?
-(sighs) Sure...J-e-n-n-e-y.
by InLimbo January 28, 2009
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