A person who does not answer the phone call when it sees who is the caller. Similar to seener but regarding phone calls not text messages.
*Darko is calling*
Domjan: "Aren't you going to answer the call from Darko?"
Roko: "Nah..."
Domjan: "OMG you're such a hearder Roko.."
by palsman February 26, 2018
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A derogatory term of Star Wars origin. The term "Nerf Hearder" is actually derived from an undesirable job: that is, herding Nerf for slaughter and consumption. Since the job is so unfavorable, the term was expanded to encompass all those who also fit the "unfavorable" description.
"Why you stuck up, scruffy-looking...nerf hearder!"

"Who's scruffy-looking."
by Derek Heid April 15, 2004
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Someone who rallys nerds around a common cause. A leader of nerds. A recruiter for a nerd ideal, interest or endeavor.
Jeff is really into Lord of the Rings. He talks to everyone about it, he's such a nerd hearder
by T-Bone October 28, 2003
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A moron who likes to rip on nerds that shows his lack of intelligence by spelling poorly the formentioned rip
Read more and learn to spell, fuckmook.
by Nerdcore To Tha Core November 6, 2003
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one who herds nerfs
We must employ a new nerf hearder to deal with all those smelly little nerfs
by Mike May 2, 2003
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(noun) A plumber who mainly works on (DWV) Drain waste and vent systems.
Look at that Shit hearder go, Those turds don't have a chance.
by dp clown June 4, 2010
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