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verb. When a person puts their headphones on and pretends to be listening to music, when in reality they are listening to the conversation around them. This is done for the headphoners benefit. You can find out all sorts of interesting information previously unavailable..
I headphone when at the nurse's office when people are getting weighed, talking about their problems, and also at my Mom's church meetings..
by SuperSize August 07, 2005
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When someone rests their head between two asses, preferably having each ear as close to the asshole as possible. It’s done mainly to make a point that you don’t want to listen to anyone or anything else, and would rather have two people fart in your ear instead.
The music in this place absolutely sucks. Hey, you two, get over here. I can’t listen to this shit anymore, I’d rather be headphoning.
by TheRiz May 06, 2018
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