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A type of cannabis typically referring to the c. sativa strain, headies are the royalty of cannabis. As opposed to the lower body high of beasters (typically c. indica), headies provide a heady high (as the name would suggest), allowing for more physical function under the influence. Most low grade cannabis does not provide the same kind of lightness of being that headies create. Thus, headies are preferred among cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. Smoking too much of the headies will probably result in a loss of brain cells and increase your usage of phrases such as "the other day," and "this one time." Then again, who really gives a shit if you can function?
I got some dank headies the other day, I was high for like 5 hours!
by Hannah the Phish June 02, 2006
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An adjective describing a trait of certain strains of cannibis that causes their user to experience or perceive increased or enhanced cognitive activity or ability.
"This is heady bud--I can't stop thinking about recursion"

"This is heady bud--I can't stop thinking about myself thinking about recursion"

"This is heady bud--I can't stop adding defintions to"
by Roldick October 19, 2003
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High grade Cannabis. Usually contains small white specks and reddish hairs on the leaves.
Dank is good but headies is better!
by Chris July 22, 2003
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Headies are a non commercial or less commercial , high grade type of Marijuana... a grade up from beasters and two grades up from mids or outdoor mass grown budz or (shwag)... the quality of these buds cannot be beat... easly distinguished by there extremely potent scent. Headies cannot be confused with other buds they look like the pot out of high times magizine and gaurinteed to fuck you up
These headies are soo much better than those beasters you have
by Kdiddy March 28, 2006
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1. danky, great fucking nugs.
2. hippie
1. those are some heady nugs. OR are they heady?

2. there were a ton of heady kids there.

Is there a heady scene here?

yea, he was a heady kid..

look at all the headies.
by ashley January 31, 2004
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