A person who has no experience in life and doesn't know much about life.
- Hey, have you heard the new single by Daft Punk, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"?

* It's already 4 years old, you heady!
by xiempie December 03, 2008
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Can also refer to a particular type of Hand-Blown Glass smoking pipe. Usually one-of-a-kind, very intricate, and typically quite expensive.
(Other spellings: headdy, heddy...)
The price of headies, is usually quite excessive.
by none October 28, 2003
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originally used to describe weed on grateful dead tour that was not for sale. you might smoke with some one on the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show, fellow head maybe, and loved the taste you just had dance across your palate and ask to buy some, only to be told nah' bro these are just headies. later it was used to describe a level of dank and parking lot sellers would describe their bud as headies. of course this is all realitive compared to what one has tried and has access too.
friend a: i smoked some silver haze the other day.

friend b: oh yea can i get some

friend a: nah they were just headies.
by butter2 September 01, 2006
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1) high potency cannabis, it is sold less commonly than other buds (hydro, mids, ect) and often costs far more. The term originates from the concept that headdies are kept for the 'head' of the person who sells pot, while the 'dro' is sold to their clients.
We had some bomb ass headies, but since it was 65 an eigth I couldn't get enough for everyone.
by Scoot411 March 09, 2007
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1a a term overused to describe pot that is expensive, not neccesarilly good
1b a term some reserve for actual good cannabis especialy the main, largest bud or "cola"
2 anything of the highest quality currently available

note: it has nothing to do with the top inch of the buds, or oral sex
1a "I can't believe the price of these headies"
1b" I would pay anything for those sweet headies"

2 jose "Can I have a cupcake?"
juan "no way man, these are headies from my aunt, eat a little debby"
jose "you suck man"
by mo nigglius December 23, 2007
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the best weed you have, that u dont want to share with. "Head Stash"
yo.. son u got them headies. yea bro. but im not sharing i have less then a G LEft.. Ahhh fuck u im gonna blaze the mids
by Stas617 August 07, 2007
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