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Shy, but outgoing,and loves to do what they want, and they don't care what other people think about them. They love talking to people if they know the person.
That hayven is very cool In their own way
by dance_queen55 March 21, 2017
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Her laugh and presence can light up a room. She is known for her wonderful smile, her awesome personality, her ability to make people happy, her brains and when you speak, you can have a serious conversation or talk like 5 year olds together. Known to be loved by many and missed greatly when her beautiful smile is far away. Hard to leave. Known for causing a reaction in a person that causes an uncontrollable urge to hold, kiss and love. An amazing girl in every aspect, it is impossible for one to be sad around her. She is someone everyone admires because of how gorgeous she is both inside and out. One should always keep Hayven close by their side for she will protect, shelter and stand up for them. Hayven will always be remembered by the hearts she touched.She doesnt take many things too seriously.She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out with the kind of beauty you only see once in your lifetime. Everyone falls in love with this girl. She can be completely inappropriate, but you can't help but to love her and her crazy antics. Any time shared with her is a time to be remembered. She lives for every moment and only has positive energy. She doesnt need to be entertained to have a good time. She can sit back and relax like one of the boys. She'll be your friend unless you give her a reason not to. If you fall in love with a Hayven, don't ever let her go.
She's a keeper.

You're dating a Hayven?! Don't ever let her go.

Hayven is the kind of girl you'd do anything for
Hayven is the beautiful girl you've been waiting for, don't let her go and protect her at all costs, she loves you even though it might not look like it.
by Arandomgloer June 16, 2018
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She is a bad ass bitch that sucks dick all the time. She gets all the guys and everyone says she will be a stripper. She has a bad attitude and will kill someone if she needs to. She thinks she is ugly all the time but everyine tell her the opposiye and she hates it when people call her beautiful. She only has 3 friends that stuck with her. She has tiny titties and a small ass she is tall and way to skinny
Do u know Hayven ??
by Happy666lover November 11, 2018
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