Enormous pimples on the inside of an anus or a penis disease resembling a female blue waffle.

EW Haylor! That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen !
by sheriffliam December 4, 2012
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relationship for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift , this relationship is not real and is only pr.
Haylor is only promotion for this two artist
by magnament modest November 2, 2020
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the act of shoving your hand down your throat and ripping out your intestines
Ew, Taylor Swift's face makes me want to haylor.
by didifuckingaskyou December 12, 2012
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a fake relationship conjured up in the delusional mind of a famous '''''cunt-ry'''' singer, who makes millions by breaking a helpless man's heart.
girl 1: omg she confirmed haylor!1!1
girl 2: that's a piece of dog shit, he denied it 3 times!
girl 3: she's delusional.

by lawrence senpai December 31, 2013
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the relationship -of course fake- of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. it was pr. and also harry was with louis and swiftgron existed so yeah... it was fake
person 1- how is it called the couple of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles??
person 2- Haylor. but it was fake

person 3- what do you think about Haylor??
person 4- fake, obviously. lol
by harrytomlinsonsupremacy October 31, 2020
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the dumbest thing ever between taylor swift and harry styles shared. it was all modest. she wrote a song about him and he wrote a song about her so ig their good. but she did treat him like crap. and she was a butt to him and he doesn't deserve that.
Haylor? haylorrrrrrrrrrrrrr ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by all the love,K💕 May 27, 2019
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Involuntary act of puking on a computer screen
"Oh look a picture of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift in Central Park"
*pukes on computer screen*
"Oh sorry man, I didn't mean to haylor."
by ohsweetyno December 8, 2012
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