Mom: Your grades are dropping! Are you on drugs?!?!
Me: It's just a 'B-', don't have kittens.
by MaxWilder May 25, 2006
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(idiom) to have a fit.

Used in both humorous and serious situations.

Also, cast a kitten.
Stop tickling me or I'll have kittens!
by Miss Agreeable May 26, 2004
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If someone is getting particularly worked-up about something (usually excited/annoyed).
Luther: So is Katie excited about getting into Harvard's?
Cyril: Are you kidding? She's flippin' having kittens.

Barney: Are you pissed that we have another long English assignment that we have to re-do?
Chester: Yeah man, I'm having kittens over here!
by It'sFrickingMe June 22, 2010
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Fox News Network is having kittens over the Bill O'Reily alledged sexual escapades with his young female subordinate.
by Simon October 16, 2004
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Experiencing and displaying an extreme emotion, be it happiness, excitement or anger.
1) - "Did you see that bitch? She was fucking pissed off"
2) - "Yeah man, she was crazy, she was having kittens"
1) - "Did I tell ya the other day I found fifty bucks? I was fucking having kittens!"
by Splashers May 15, 2009
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v. To be excited or surprised
by an event.
v. To physically give birth to a litter of kittens.
Troy, you got the new heated condoms? I'm simply having kittens!

Aww, the mother cat is simply having kittens!
by Prima B. Goode July 5, 2004
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An idiom that refers to a child exhibiting similar behavior to that of his or her parent.

A shorter, stupider, better way of saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
"Goddamn, John's kid is just as bat-shit crazy as he is."
"Yea well, cats have kittens."
"...whatever tf that means."
by Genghis KaniSalad January 9, 2019
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