A name given (often by fellow Straight-Edgers) to straight-edgers that have turned to violence as a means of spreading their views. Most Straight-edgers feel that hate edge is an affront to all that they stand for. The most famous group of Hate-edgers is located in Salt Lake City Utah, where police have started refering to sxe as a gang after several violent crimes were commited by Hate-edgers.
Hate-edger: Sees someone smoking/drinking/etc. and beats the crap out of them.

Partier: "Hey, man, lets go back inside. I think those kids are hate-edge."
by Zach August 07, 2004
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hate-edge A song coined by the America oi! band the anti heros. ALSO a White street gang that was formed in tomkins square park on the lower east side of new york city In 1991. In differant parts of the country It means differant things,But In New York It's a gang & If you claim to be a member of it faulsely You could be subjected to serious Violance
hate-edge made new yorks gang files in the mid 1990's .
by NLR718 June 05, 2006
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Hate edge describes someone who. when ever they see someone who isnt straight edge they will attack that person
Dude, can i light up?
I wouldnt, that dude is hate edge
by ToMMiDNiGHT April 26, 2007
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It's worse than being Straight-edge. You like to hate people that like having fun. Being Hate-edge, you spend most your time shoving your straight-edge views down other people's throats and constantly bitch about how you will have no life if you drink or smoke. A lot of Hate-edges would even be obnoxious enough to go out and get shitty-looking Straight-edge tattoo's and flaunt them around to everybody despite how much other people could give a shit less. Also If you are Hate-edge, around 50% of your MySpace should consist about you talking about how your Straight-edge and how if you smoke a cigarette, you are gross and a loser but by being a Hate-edge it actually makes you a loser in today's social standards. Because being Hate-edge is frowned upon in today's society, Hate-edgers must conjole together in order to prevent them from getting their asses kicked and also sticking together to discuss how perfect they are.
John: Dude you're not going to believe this!
Mike: What?
John: I found Tim smoking a cigarette the other day!
Mike: Dude he's definitely going to be a college drop-out!
John: I know!
Mike: You wanna go bitch him out by leaving 3538490 hate comments on his MySpace?
John: Yeah yeah!
Mike: Yeah! But he blocked my other 13 profiles I made because I did it to him before...
John: Hmmmm... Who's countin'!? We can make a 14th profile and do it some more!
Mike: Yeah yeah!
John: Yeah!
Mike: Yeah!

by skimmilkk January 19, 2009
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1.someone who hates people for no or little reason.
2.someone who hate many people
he's so hate-edge, he hates them just because
by oh damn March 31, 2006
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