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Toys that were the thing in 2016.

It was basically like rasing an animal from a egg state. Then once the child has "matured it enough" it'll hatch. But there was one HUGE FLAW and that wad that is took almost and sometimes more than a hour to hatch. Seriously what were they thinking what kinda kid would want to pet a plastic egg and listen to it for a hour. Also many of them would hatch btw.

Once these things do hatch it's pretty like a Furbie. It's furry creepy has the faint eyes and talks to you. There are many different kinds some you can only find in store like target.
Hey little jimmy wanna hatchimal for your birthday?

Fuck no those things take an hour to hatch and mist of the time they don't hatch I wanna iphone 100000000 with 64gigs nigger
by mr mr jellyman October 30, 2017
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