Hasing: Meaning "To slowly cut a man's penis."
I'm going out hasing today.
by -Men June 30, 2014
awesome a muslim person who is quite chill
hasees is the coolest person in the world.
by chillboi5 March 1, 2009
short for hasidic jew
That haseed has especially curly sideburns
by guy smiley April 28, 2003
To completely screw things up and pretend that they are working fine.
Boy, he really Hased that soulution, it does not even compile.
by Mike Jordan December 17, 2007
I heard about your hase, I'm sorry.
by Billysafe August 28, 2006
Used mainly in Penrith, hase is another word for 'cunt'. Usually meant as the women's genitals part. Often found offensive by women.
Guy1: Come back here, hase. You wanna go me?
by whatups December 11, 2009