A harrie is a person who is a fan/stan of the singer and actor Harry Styles. They are a very dedicated and loving fan group. Harries often fight for they lives on twitter to defend Harry Styles.
They’re wearing the crocheted cardigan with a pearl necklace, they’re probably a harrie!
by kiwiwatermelons April 19, 2021
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An absolutly stunning girl with the biggest heart in the world, she pretends everything is okay in her life when its not and is so kind and loving towards everyone, she sthe most important girl in the world and people don't know what they would do without her in there lives, she's beatiful and sucha joker, I love harrie <3
Ohh I wish I was more like harrie :(
by samcd8 July 29, 2011
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Also known as sexy; hot pants; lover; darling; beautiful; gorgeous; sex bomb; sexy pants; babe; sweet heart; swetie; and my Harrie.

This girl is the greatest, most loving and beautiful girl in the world. She is a special kind of girl - one that you cannot live without and that is loved by everyone:) If you have a Harrie then you are the luckiest person in the whole world. She is VERY sexual and can turn you in by just looking your way. She is a sex god. She uses her sex powers in me all the time. If she ever offers you her heart, be sure to never turn it down... Because if somebody said that she was 'one in a trillion' it would be a huge understatement:) she is mine, forever. And I love her.

PLUS! - I bet you any money that she will give you perfect and happy children!
PLUS PLUS! - she is an amazing kisser!
Guy 1: hey, who's that?!
Guy 2: that, guy 1, is MY Harrie
Guy 1: oohhh.... Now I'm jealous....
by Harrie's Alex March 31, 2012
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Awesome chick with super trekking skills, lacks in confidence but she seems to make it through :D x
dude one: Woah did you see that girl go?

dude two: I know what a Harrie!!!
by Ninja55:Px April 19, 2010
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a name that real harry styles fans use for fake or gross harry styles fans
I just blocked all my mutuals that follow that harrie.
by ls28 December 24, 2019
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Someone who stans Harry Styles and may or may not favour him over the other 1D members.
You say you stan Louis but you’re honestly such a Harrie!
by StreamGolden November 20, 2020
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Fans of Harry Styles. Better known as the kind of people so out of their mind to link a plate of butter to p*ssy.
"Is there anything not about p*ssy to harries?"
by streamwallsbtch May 16, 2020
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