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a type of impulsive person (may they be male or female) who fall instantly in love at first sight, and when a better catch (usually physical looks but sometimes financial, sexual, etc. superiority to the last lover ) should pass by, the hare will break up withe their current lover to pursue the new love. The key difference between a hare and any other kind of person is that a hare will have a "buyers remorse"phase afterwards. In his phase the hare will be missing his/her previous lover, so much they are in tears but at the same time having feeling for her new lover.

Please note the following:

* While some can scream slut, douche or tramp this is untrue. Its due to the impulsive nature that they hop from one lover to the next hoping to find the perfect one.
damn that stupid hare broke with me. Shes going out with my best friend
by Theamazinggeek May 26, 2015
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someone who jumps from one boyfriend to another. Similar to how a hare or a rabbit jumps around.
Ryan is such a hare. He has a new boyfriend every week.
by RyanDaffyPrince January 05, 2009
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a taller version of a rabbit. Also lives in Africa and as very long ears with long hair on them.
Theirs a hare following elephants toward the river.
by SiR GunnA July 07, 2017
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To hate with a burning firey passion.
Kelsey and Kat hare Rebecca for all of the lies she has told.
by Kelsey n Kat July 10, 2006
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Hares is a very smelly person. He always wears a black hoodie and is super quiet. He smells like barbecue sauce.
Girl 1: who’s that over there?
Girl 2: oh that’s hares! He needs to shower more often!
by Mrs. Bun bun April 27, 2019
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